Friday, January 25, 2013

Linesketches for voting by the public.

These were some sketches I made during a random livestream. I'd thought some of you might like to see my linesketches. See here:
I'm posting this on my Deviantart too to see what the people on there prefer :)
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Please add int the comments which one you'd like to see rendered (and how/why?)

1. Angel in the wind.
2. Closeup spellcasting wizard.
3. Scary devilish grandma.
4. Beefcake superman.
5. Scary fire clown.
6. Angry cat magic faun.
7. Mutated boobzombie.
8. Seduced prisoner.

1 comment:

  1. Nice sketches! Hm... though choice :) I would go with the first or the second, so I'll let you choose one of them! From what I've seen on dA, many of the comments go for first and second, too :)